$1,000 Grand Prize: Mitigating Risks to Vulnerable Populations

Remote Worker Disruption Insurance helps lower income groups

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1 Product Name: Remote Worker Disruption Insurance
2 Populations it would protect: All remote workers, but the lower income remote works are less able to afford disruption so this will help them the most.
3 Impacts this product / service will protect against: Help cover expenses if a storm or power outage prevents the remote worker from fulfilling their employer's work requirements. If a storm hits the area, the worker may need to drive to another area to perform their work duties.
4 Trigger event that would result in a claim: Natural disaster, internet service provider outage.
5 Scope and nature of the insurance response: Provides valuable coverage for lost expenses incurred from loss of power or internet service. The policy would provide up to $1,000 to cover cost of traveling to another area and buying internet service.
6 Why this would be a compelling product: Millions of workers are remote now, but have no guarantee the power and internet will work onsistently. Temporarily changing work location can be expensive.
7 Product could be sold directly to target communities via an app and online. Product could also be provided as an employee benefit through employers.



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