Office & Shared Workspace in the Post-COVID World

Office & Shared Workspace in the Post-COVID World

The current crisis has changed our lives in so many ways. Many people are working from home. Some are furloughed. Some have lost their jobs and are waiting to see what might come when the economy fires up again.

FatPipe NM, a New Mexico-based co-working space, is looking at the future of work. Will people go back to the way things used to be? Will people work from home more? Will the nature and use of office space change?

Is there a future for co-working in general and if so, what does it look like?

Campaign Brief

As a regional co-working space operator, FatPipe NM is wondering:

What is the future of co-working and what does it look like in the post COVID-19 world? What do you love about working from home? What will you miss when you go back to the office? Is there anything you miss from being at an office? What worries you about going back to an office? What could a co-working space provide you that would make the concept of co-working more attractive to you and/or your employer? Has your employer's attitude toward remote-work changed during this time? Has your attitude/thinking about co-working changed as a result of your recent experiences?